The Anti Anxiety Bundle - for kids

The ultimate bundle of techniques for increasing your child's self-esteem to help them overcome anxious thoughts and feelings, so they can enjoy being a kid again.

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Here's what you get for $29.99

I don't just give you affirmations and meditations. I am giving you actual techniques to combat anxiety by engaging the conscious and unconscious mind.

  • 2x AUDIO RECORDINGS - Meditations, one for Inner Peace and one for boosting self-esteem. ($49 )
  • 2x VIDEOS - Exercises, one to set your child's morning mindset and the other to boost their positivity and self-esteem in under 4 minutes. ( $75 )
  • PDF - 30 Day affirmation challenge to make it fun for your child to receive positive messages daily. ( $29)
  • PDF - Gratitude Journal with prompts to help your child focus on and remember the good in their day. ( $29 )
  • Emotion Tracker to develop emotional awareness, which will raise emotional intelligence. Included in the gratitude journal. ( $ 10 )
  • PDF - Daily Positivity Checklist to help your child develop positivity habits. ( Value $19 )

This is a presale everything listed below will be available on 30th December 2021.

Some of the Benefits of The Anti-Anxiety Bundle for kids

  • Gain confidence in helping your anxious child.
  • Helps to decrease stress for you and your child.
  • Helps build positivity into everyday.
  • Making it easier for your child to remember and think about the good things in their day.
  • Improving your child's ability to go to a place of inner calm, this will be useful when they are in stressful situations.
  • Helping your child to develop the ability to boost their positivity whenever they want such as before they go to somewhere new.
  • Fostering kind words towards themselves so they can grow self compassion and be happier.

PRE-SALE PRICE $29.99 (70% OFF)


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The CONFIDENT KIDS TOOLKIT for parents.! $29.99

The ultimate toolkit for parents to effectively and easily empower their child. Connecting at a deeper level and boosting their confidence.

  • VIDEO for the ultimate way to boost your child's confidence!
  • LIST of 15 beliefs to offer your child that will develop their sense of self confidence.
  • PDF of 5 Power words you can use with your child today,
  • 3x AUDIOS one for when your child is anxious and wants calm and control. One for letting go of unwanted negative feelings, and one that is to increase your child's confidence.

This is a pre-sale, everything listed above will be available on 30th December 2021

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